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Not to be forgotten, or left unrecognized, are a few musicians that played with the Tramps at various stages of the various lineups, and always added a freshness to our musical sound:

Michael Tschudin - Piano/Keys
played with a jazz band named, Cynara, and The Midnight Opera Company. He was a major artist who was responsible for the "Kitchen," at the Mercer Arts Center, to have art, video, dance, and music. He was a musical director who invited us in and sat in with us at various cabaret gigs at Mercer, Max's, etc.

Ben Mitchell - Guitar
Played with the Tramps during Jay Mala days; a great R&R player and also doubled up on bass.

Satan "The Eternal Fire Eater" (pre-Kiss)
Satan came to us from New Orleans as part of a promo from Talent Recon, who was managing us for a bit. Satan had a fire-eating act and we taught him how to sing, as well as, wrote songs for him. During the Eric days, we would go on with Eric, do our show, then Satan would come out and perform with us.

Willem was a guitarist brought in from New Orleans to round out Satan's sound.

Chris Stein - Guitarist, Blondie
Chris was a friend, roadie, and part time guitarist for the Tramps; always with us, and a cool guy - the sixth Stone, as it were. He had much history with the Tramps. He was at the School of Visual Arts when he got us a gig there. He also made a Magic Tramps
tee-shirt which I still have.

Walter "aka Alter" Ego-Greenberg
played bass with us during the Eric (Star Theater ) era off and on.

Ivan Kral - guitarist & bass
went on to join the Patti Smith Group. He was also a guitarist for Lugar at the Mercer Arts Center.

Geri (Gerri) Miller - Warhol Superstar and vocalist. Famous for the song, "Mama - Look at Me Now"

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